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Zhejiang Zhong Yang limited relies on advanced technology and equipment for control cabinet, give full play to talent advantage, marketing resources and network marketing advantages, through the establishment of a modern enterprise system, and continuously improve management level and technical level of the workshop, strengthening independent research and development and technical cooperation, and constantly improve the dynamic marketing and management, so as to enhance their competitiveness in the market.

this company professional production: control cabinet, and PLC control cabinet, and control cabinet air conditioning, and electrical control cabinet, and elevator control cabinet, and frequency control cabinet, and energy-saving control cabinet, and constant pressure water control cabinet, and fire control cabinet, and Automation control cabinet, and GGD distribution Cabinet, and power distribution box, and Automation control cabinet (non-standard) PLC programming, and material bit controller, and resistance spin type material bit controller, and industrial machine making; industrial and mining enterprises electrical design, and transformation, and debugging, and maintenance; Mitsubishi, and Siemens, and Omron, and PLC, electrical of sales, And excellent quality and perfect service won the recognition and trust of users.

company produces resistance Rotary type material level controller, widely used in the warehouse sector detection and control of granular materials, especially for safe and effective control over the flow of sand in foundry industry. The product structure is simple, versatile, since the work has been well received by customers and authorized.

rich experience, advanced design concepts, advanced manufacturing techniques, strict quality management system, improve after-sales service management platform, allowing customers to choose when Yang in control cabinet series "zero-risk decision, hundred percent satisfaction."

Xu Jingli, General Manager with all staff of the company, to have always new and old customers sincere cooperation to extend my heartfelt thanks! Yang in control cabinets and we wish you to join me, and jointly create a better future!

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