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After-sales service
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After-sales service
First service philosophy: is our problem, our problem is not our problem, we help solve the problem.
second target: customer satisfaction always, shape the Foundation of customer service brand image.
article before-sales service: warm customer reception meet investigation requirements of customers; the design drawings for process design, ask owner and contractor advice from customer interests, timely and useful recommendations to the owner and contractor.
fourth sale of services: product design and customer requirements to implement production process; products manufactured 100% according to inspection procedures required; and customer delivery details before they go out.
fifth service: according to customer requirements, on-site with customer installation and commissioning, acceptance and transmission service transmission work, providing technical support and training services; product 1 year warranty, life-long maintenance.
sixth free of charge services: for the customer within the warranty period free repair or replacement of product failure and damage due to product quality issues, including warranty of the component materials are free.
seventh paid service: warranty non-product failure or damage caused by quality problems, the company charged only the cost of materials; outside the warranty period, either man-made or natural life failures and damages caused by, the company charged only the cost of materials.
eighth time response: received customer service requests within 1 hour to respond, when onsite service is required, the service wait half an hour before the appointed time to the site to troubleshoot; malfunction of important emergency service personnel arrived at the scene within 4 hours; door-to-door service through that week to call back.
Nineth resources guarantee: trained customer service technicians continuously improve service levels improve customer service processes and regulations; information management of customer service records.
article tenth supervision of service: the company welcomes each customer to supervise the quality of our services, or to make recommendations for improvement.

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