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Diesel engine fire pump automatic controller key features

1, and automatically up moving: diesel pump unit received fire/tube network pressure/blackout/or other started signal Hou, in 15 seconds within automatically up moving and input full load run;
2, and automatically charging: battery can using mains or diesel engine charging motor automatically charging, guarantee unit of smooth up moving;
3, and automatically alarm: on diesel engine low hydraulic, and high water temperature, fault automatically alarm protection, in speed Shi alarm and downtime;
4, and automatically Preheat: makes diesel engine in engine alternate State, Ensure emergency work;
5, and straight even type: 360kw following diesel pump unit used domestic first of diesel engine and pump through elastic coupling directly connection technology, reduced has fault points, and makes unit of up moving time greatly shortened, increased has unit of reliability and emergency performance;
6, and user also requirements set other alarm output (non-standard supply;
7, and has telemetry, and away letter, and remote control function (non-standard supply.



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